Riverfront Park (West) Playground

Previous Next RIVERFRONT PARK WEST PLAYGROUND Although this playground is technically part of Riverfront Park, many mistaken it to be part of Gladstone-Riverside Park because it’s located almost exactly at the halfway point between the two parks. Cartographic essay and powerpoint presentation aside, let’s just say there’s more than one route to get to this playground. …

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Riverfront Park (East) Playground

Previous Next RIVERFRONT PARK EAST PLAYGROUND A couple of large trees provide partial shade for this happy Minions-coloured playground. It comes complete with a plastic tunnel slide, a wide metal slide, a hanging bridge, chain link ladder and a rare, square shaped tunnel. From the top platform, children can enjoy seeing barges and tugboats chugging along the Fraser River …

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Driftwood Playground

Previous Next DRIFTWOOD PLAYGROUND As the name implies, Driftwood Playground is made mostly out of driftwood, albeit the metal pole and plastic slide. Perhaps looking like a skeletal belly of a marine animal, a strange blooming flower, or cold, skinny zombie fingers grasping towards the sky, this interactive, public art piece is open for interpretation …

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